Elder Benefit Specialist Program

The Elder Benefit Specialist offers counseling, assistance and advocacy in the area of public benefits, health insurance, and consumer law, to people who are 60 or older. Benefit Specialists are trained and their casework supervised by attorneys who specialize in elder law and public benefits.

Elder Benefit Specialists assist with legal needs concerning public benefits such as Medicare, Medicare Part D, and a variety of other issues. The Elder Benefit Specialist also assists with grievance and appeals procedures and can act as an appointed representative.

The Elder Benefit Specialist can be reached at the Senior Connections office, Monday through Thursday from 8:00am to 4:30pm, (715) 394-3611.

To arrange an appointment with the Elder Benefit Specialist, Laura Killian, please call (715) 394-3611. Laura can also be reached by email at ebs@seniorconnectionswi.org

*The Elder Benefit Specialist services are free, although donations to defray some of the costs associated with the program are welcomed*

Below is a video which covers these common Medicare questions.

1) Enrollment in Medicare 2) Medicare Basics 3) Your Coverage Choices 4) SeniorCare 5) Help for People with Limited Income 6) Words of Caution.

*A big THANK YOU to Laura Laurie Killian our Elder Benefit Specialist*
June 11-17 is Elder Benefit Specialist Appreciation Week!
We would like to thank Laura Killian, our Elder Benefit Specialist for the incredible work she does.
Laura is a skilled advocate who helps older adults in Douglas County get, understand, and keep benefits, including health care, disability income, and programs that could save them money.
Benefit specialists help adults get services worth an average of over $2,000—but the peace of mind and support they provide is invaluable.
Average state-wide monetary impact:
Per case: $2,428
Per benefit specialist: $1,250,081
In total for 2022: $224,764,524
Peace of mind of working with an unbiased, expert advocate: Priceless
Thank your local benefit specialist for the incredible work they do today! https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/benefit.../counties.htm
For more information go to our website www.seniorconnectionswi.org