Farmer's Market Vouchers

FREE Farmer’s Market Vouchers are available at Senior Connections.  Please stop by Monday through Friday between 8:30am and 4pm to pick up the vouchers.

Below are the age and income requirements.

An eligibility agreement must be completed for each household at the office.

Only one set of Farmer’s Market Vouchers may be issued per household.

Who is Eligible to Receive Senior Farmer Market Vouchers:
1. Seniors age 60 or above or Native Americans age 55 years or above, AND                
2. Who is at 185% of poverty or below (see chart below).
3. Local agencies will issue checks to seniors who reside in the county for which
the local agency is responsible.
4. Checks will be issued to individuals, but no more than one set of vouchers per household. Household is defined as a group of individuals living together as one economic unit.

If you are having someone pick up the Farmer’s Market Vouchers for you, you must complete the form below and send it with them in order for them to pick up your vouchers.

Click Here for the Farmer's Market Authorization Form

In addition, they will be required to also complete an eligibility agreement when they pick up your vouchers.  That form will be provided to them by a Senior Connections staff member.